MLB 2014 Predictions: Divisions, Awards, Playoffs and World Series

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MLB 2014 Predictions: Divisions, Awards, Playoffs and World Series
AL Central. AL Central. Brian Reese: The Tigers have positioned themselves nicely this off-season to win a fourth straight American League Central Division title. Even with the departure of Prince Fielder to the Texas Rangers, 

Around AL Central: Holland best, Ryan's illness, Indians low blow
Motor City Bengals presents news from the Detroit Tigers rivals from around the AL Central for 2/13/14. Could the best closer not only in the division, but in all of baseball reside in Kansas City? One blogger seems to think 

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‘The Outsiders’ guide to MLB’s 2014 awards –
'The Outsiders' guide to MLB's 2014 awards
Or, say Jason Kipnis leads the Cleveland Indians to the Central crown. What the American League has is six players who can shake up the establishment, although with the exception of Walker, all play for what you would have to call establishment teams.

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Jim Fregosi, former Mets infielder and major league manager, dead at 71
Jim Fregosi, a former All-Star infielder and major league manager who as a player came to the Mets in the infamous trade that sent away Nolan Ryan, died Friday morning of complications from a stroke, according to The Los Angeles Times reported on …

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